DEX Balancer (Live)

The DEX Balancer strategy, introduced by Blastooor Agent, is designed to automate high-yield strategies within the Blast ecosystem, focusing on optimizing liquidity provider (LP) positions across multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This innovative approach allows users to deposit funds for autonomous engagement with leading protocols, unlocking new yield opportunities.

Currently the product supports ETH/USDB LP positions within various constant product (uni v2) AMMs.

Key Features:

  • Automated LP Strategy: Leverages an automated strategy to allocate funds evenly across award-winning partner DEXs, including Ring Protocol, Blasterswap, Thruster, and Hyperlock Finance. This ensures diversified exposure to high-yield farming opportunities within the Blast ecosystem.

  • Integration with Top Protocols: The strategy is integrated with some of the leading spot DEXs, facilitating seamless interaction and optimization of LP positions.

  • Simplified and Evolving: Initially adopting a straightforward approach, the strategy plans to introduce more complex strategies and functionalities in the coming weeks, enhancing yield opportunities for users.


  • High-Yield Opportunities: By depositing funds into the DEX Balancer strategy, users can access a curated selection of top-performing protocols for yield farming within the Blast ecosystem.

  • Diversification: Funds are distributed across multiple partner DEXs, mitigating risks and maximizing potential returns through diversified investments.

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