Concentrated Liquidity Manager (Live)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of AgentFi's new Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy, a revolutionary solution tailored for optimizing liquidity provisioning on v3 products. Our first protocol partner will be will be released in conjuction with Blasterswap, and their launch of their most recent v3 LP pools! You can now migrate your Blasterswap v2 positions to v3 positions at a click of a button, via AgentFi!

How Does the Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy Work?

The Concentrated Liquidity Manager Strategy is here to optimize concentrated liquidity positions, (i.e. Uniswap v3), through automated strategy rebalancing. When a position moves outside its initial range, the strategy rebalances it, centering it back to the ETH spot price with the same range. This dynamic adjustment ensures alignment with current market conditions. Before it is rebalanced, the strategy's assets will likely not be evenly distributed (i.e. not 50/50).

How to launch my strategy?

  1. Select a protocol!

For its initial rollout, Blasterswap serves as our distinguished launch partner. However in the future, we are going to open up to the wider Blast ecosystem!

  1. Select if you want to transfer V2 Position!

Decide to either launch new V3 LP position or migrate your existing V2 position to a V3 position.

  1. Select your range!

Users will be able to set a liquidity range for their v3 position (e.g., 10% around the current ETH price).

  1. Select your token pair!

Users will be able to select their token pair that they want to LP. On day one, this will be limited to ETH/USDB, but other time we will expand to all the top pairs!

  1. Let the Agent manage the rebalances for you!

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