Phase 1: The Factory

The AgentFi journey starts on the new planet of Blast, with the launch of the first collections of agents (NFTs) equipped with the most foundational strategies. We partner with the thriving DeFi ecosystem to showcase potential use cases for our agents. Our initial agents are designed with a focus on simplicity and upgradability, paving the way for much bigger things to come.

Phase 2: The Forum

This is when we take our agents to the next level: upgrading existing strategies, adding new strategy types, partnering with new protocols etc. This is an important stage where AgentFi iterates the product based on market demand and feedback. A big component of this phase will be the community involvement, we plan to gamify the community interactions to encourage more participation, making using agents both fun and rewarding.

Phase 3: The Colony

The planet of Blast is a popping one, but the universe is large and our agents are dying to explore the rest of the universe. In this phase, we help our agents find other homes that also are in desperate help of our agents, with a focus on EVM compatible L1s or L2s. Whenever our agents go to an ecosystem, they bring a common set of transferrable strategies that can immediately benefit the users there. What's more, we will add unique upgrades to our agents for each new ecosystem, taking advantage of the different designs and focuses of each planet.

Phase 4: The Alliance

After our agents get deployed to various corners of the universe, it's time to leverage the power of community for their next stage of growth. As creators, we want to see our agents become more powerful than we can even imagine. So in this phase, we want to open the infrastructure to the community to add functionality to our agents. This is the open collaboration phase, empowering the community and partners to innovate, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem driven by collaboration and shared success. Simultaneously, we will add more analytical tools to provide more detailed insights into our agents.

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