There are two types of Agents launched on Blast:

1. Blastooor Genesis Agent

The Blastooor Genesis collection is our first set of Agents. 100% of the AgentFi Blast Gold airdrop will be given to the Blastooor holders.

It's a collection of 6,551 NFTs with three different rarities:

  • Blastooor Legendary (Supply: 1000)

  • Blastooor Rare (Supply: 2000)

  • Blastooor Pre-rare (Supply: 3551)

The rarer NFTs will accumulate AgentFi credits faster than the less rare ones.

2. Explorer Agent

An Explorer Agent can be minted for free on the AgentFi app. This agent can launch largely the same strategies as a Blastooor Agent, but it accumulates AgentFi credits at a much lower rate and it won't be eligible for any Blast Gold airdrop from the AgentFi team.

More details about the AgentFi credits can be found here.

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