What is AgentFi?

AgentFi takes its name from the concept of "Agent Driven Finance", the next stage of financial applications evolution enabled by the intelligent support of onchain agents.

Onchain agents are digital entities that can navigate the blockchain, executing tasks based on some predefined logic but also learning from their experiences to adapt their strategies. These autonomous agents form an intelligent layer on top of the blockchain primitives, serving as a trusted assistant for various types of Web 3.0 users.

Some examples of existing agents include: (see more agents here)

Liquidation Bots

Agents which liquidate undercollateralized positions in perp dexes.

Memecoin Snipers

Agents which race to buy the newest memecoins when they launch.

The "Fi" part of AgentFi pays tribute to what we think will be the most widespread application of agents across decentralized platforms: using agents to target and optimize economic incentives. This is a key value proposition which will generate the most natural adoption. While we envision the most obvious use cases to be in DeFi, we believe agents will also play important roles in SocialFi, GameFi, etc.

AgentFi's goal is to expand the capabilities of onchain agents and use them to dramatically improve the onchain user experience across DeFi, SocialFi and GameFi.

We're building:

  1. a suite of onchain agents across different ecosystems

  2. a scalable infrastructure to support developers of agents

  3. an ecosystem and community surrounding agents

To streamline the user experience, our agents are built as NFTs with embedded smart contract wallets. This gives users both the flexibility and functionality without sacrificing usability.

Explore the rest of our docs to learn more!

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