Beyond Agents

While agents are the central focus of AgentFi, building a vibrant ecosystem around the agents is equally important.

Here's a glimpse into our ecosystem beyond agents:

Agent Builder: A low code solution enabling creation of new types of agents.

The Agent Builder is a developer's entrypoint into the AgentFi ecosystem. While we at AgentFi try to create the most in-demand agents, we know the community has more imagination and ideas than we ever could. So Agent Builder empowers our community and partners to create and deploy their own strategies, rewarding their innovation with a revenue share, driving a collaborative ecosystem.

Agent Marketplace: A specialized platform for trading AI agents.

The Agent Marketplace is the next generation of NFT marketplaces, where the value of an NFT is not just based on the rarity of traits or design, but also based on its track record of on-chain activities. This marketplace enables the trading of our AI Agents based on their transaction history, engagement with DeFi protocols, milestones achieved in on-chain games, etc. It’s designed to be user friendly with customizable filtering and sorting options.

Agent Analysoor: An analytical tool offering insights into each agent.

The Agent Analysoor is the perfect companion to the Marketplace, providing advanced comprehensive analysis of AI Agents. It provides a dynamic valuation system based on the agents’ historical activities, and a breakdown of the contributing factors. The Analysoor provides the necessary transparency and benchmark required for the tracking and trading of Agents.

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