How do Agents work?

Our agents are ERC721 NFTs which are linked to smart contract wallets based on the ERC6551 standard. So this means our agents are effectively standard NFTs which can be deployed across any EVM environment, with the ability to own other assets, points or even NFTs.

Our platform uniquely employs the nested design of multi-level agents, meaning each agent can launch strategies which are agents themselves. This design not only ensures separation of logic and assets across different agents, it also enables unique use cases and maximum composability.

Technical Architecture

  1. User comes in and mints an Agent. This will produce an Agent ERC721 (NFT). Users can mint multiple Agent NFTs.

  2. The Agent NFT then owns an Agent Token Bound Account (TBA). This is effectively a smart contract account (an address on the blockchain).

  3. This Agent TBA then holds several strategy NFTs, which are also agents that hold their own TBAs (each of them being a smart contract with pre-programmed logic for what to do with the funds in the account).

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